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7 Gift Ideas for Podcasters Over $100

7 gift ideas for podcasters over $100

The response to last Friday's blog was quite positive.

7 Gifts for podcasters under $100.

2 quick things...

I always love reading anything you have to say. I read every reply you send.

Since last week I did 7 gift ideas for podcasters under $100...

I thought it would be fun to do another gift list but this time for more expensive stuff.

Come virtual window shop with me and let's look at some of the fancier gear out there.

I feel like a disclaimer is in order, before we proceed...

None of what I'm about to list out here is required to podcast, grow an audience and make money from the endeavor.

This is meant to be a glance at the pricey, maybe someday or maybe never.

None of this gear can make your podcast interesting, but it can make it look and sound tippity top notch.

(Prices seem to fluctuate slightly so I’m gonna round the price).

1. Shure SM7B

Why this is nice: This is the microphone I use. It’s used by podcasts on the top of the charts. It’s a classic since the ’70’s. It doesn’t plug straight into your computer, and if you’re willing to buy a couple extra pieces of gear and invest in your sound…it’ll last you many years. Price: $360

2. Focusrite Vocaster Two

Why this is nice: I didn’t understand this product at first. But after using it for months, I understand it now. If you use a microphone like a Shure SM7B (or other XLR connected microphone) and need an interface, and don’t need more than 2 inputs, this is my recomendation. The buttons are easy to find and press. It has a cool auto-gain feature. And it’s just easy to use…which is exactly what you want with your interface. Price: $230

3. Rode Rodecaster Pro II

Why this is nice: If you livestream and/or have around 3-4 microphones you want to use, the Rodecaster makes sense. If you use a Rodecaster I, it might not make sense to upgrade. But the Rodecaster Pro II is small, has great preamps and a lot of other great features. Price: $620

4. Shure MV7

Why this is nice: This is the microphone I recommend the most. It’s easy to use, sounds great and looks great. It connects via USB or XLR. If you connect it via USB you can get access to additional settings like an auto-gain feature. Price: $224

5. Sony ZV-1

Why this is nice: It records 4k video, doesn’t require you to purchase any additional lenses, and can be used just like a webcam (the fanciest webcam). Price: $650

6. Samsung 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

Why this is nice: Podcasts (and all content for that matter) create a lot of assets. And those assets eat up a lot of storage. Whatever you do, don’t only store your old files on your computer…back them up in 2 places. Ideally, in the cloud and on an external drive like this one. As the saying goes, 2 is 1 and 1 is none. Price: $100

7. Limited Edition Low Profile Microphone Arm from O.C. White Co.

Why this is nice: This is one of my requested “what brand is that” things that people will see in my videos and ask me. It’s this. Yes, the price is wild. Yes, if this is nowhere near your budget you shouldn’t get it. A great alternative is the Elgato Wave Low Profile Mic Arm. But the one I’m listing here isn’t for those interested in any alternative, and see their favorite podcasters use it. They want the Bugatti of mic arms. And this is the one. Price: $510

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