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7 Gift Ideas for Podcasters Under $100

7 gift ideas for podcasters under $100

Yesterday I put together a little gift guide for podcasters.

I thought I’d expand that list a little bit with some more selections.

Now, this list is for the podcaster in your life. But nowhere in this email am I saying that the podcaster in your life can’t be yourself.

7 Gift Ideas for the Podcaster in Your Life (under $100):

(Prices seem to fluctuate slightly so I’m gonna round the price).

1. Desktop Mic Stand InnoGear Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand

Why this is nice: It fits practically all microphones. It’s easy to move.

Price: $30

2. New Microphone Samson Q2U

Why this is nice: This is the best mic you’ll find at this price point. It sounds great. It connects via USB or XLR so it can grow with you if your gear and needs change.

Price: $60

3. New Headphones Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO

Why this is nice: These are comfortable professional headphones that will last you a long time. These are the same model headphones that the biggest podcasts use.

Price: $80

4. Colored XLR Cable

Why this is nice: If your mic uses an XLR cable, why not throw in a little flair and get a colored one? This would make a great stocking stuffer (Here I am, still acting like this list isn’t for you).

Price: $20

5. 2 Wireless Clip-on Microphones for iPhone

Why this is nice: These are an incredible price for what they are. The sound quality is decent. These are fantastic little wireless microphones though. They’re great for quick interviews or social media content.

Price: $30

6. 51” Extendable Phone Tripod

Why this is nice: It’s light, portable and holds your phone right how you need it. I always have one of these handy.

Price: $35

7. Rechargeable RGB LED Video Light

Why this is nice: These types of little lights add a nice flair in the background or can help light your face for video. It might seem like a lot for a little light, but they put out a good amount of light and do all sorts of different colors.

Price: $70

Thank you

I don't pay close attention to the podcast charts for Digital Podcaster.

I find it doesn't help me make better episodes...and just doesn't serve a purpose for me.

There's a time and place for them though...and I happened to sneak a peak last week and saw that it was ranked #158 on the Apple Podcast Charts for 'How To' podcasts.

We don't need to be in the top 10, 50 or 200 celebrate!

So thank you for listening. 🙏

I sincerely appreciate it, and I'm always happy to help and share.

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