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Bored with your podcast? Check this.

Bored with your podcast by Dylan Schmidt

What happens if you get bored of your podcast?

First off...

Boredom for podcast hosts is normal...

One of the reasons I didn’t talk about podcasting when I first started my podcast was that I was afraid of getting bored.

The topic of podcasting feels kinda narrow.

I mean, how many times could I talk about show notes, episode titles and editing audio before I lose it and let my dog Wednesday take over?


It turns out not talking about podcasting was much harder.

In the beginning I was wondering what the heck to talk about.

It was like the whole world was my oyster and I couldn’t figure out which direction to take my podcast in.

But as I got more comfortable, the more I started to talk about what I enjoyed and knew…which is podcasting.

And that’s not to say I’m an expert in every area of podcasting.

I simply share what I know to be true…which doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. Just sharing experiences.

Here's what I discovered:

  • It’s hard to find great guests when you don’t know what your podcast is about.
  • When your episodes are for everyone, they don’t stand out…which makes them harder to promote.
  • Thinking that I can only have one podcast is silly. If I want to talk about other things, I can just make another show.

I’ve seen a lot of overlap between my podcast and social media accounts.

Digital Podcaster educates around content creation. More specifically how podcasting plays a role in that activity.

Could you imagine, if for the next month I only shared about travel hacks because I was excited about the idea of traveling?

That’d be weird and people wouldn’t listen (and I wouldn't blame them).

Don't be afraid of getting bored.

After all, you probably won’t get bored.

And what I’ve found to be true, is when you are feeling bored there’s a couple ways around it…

If you’re tired or bored of making content. There's a high probability that you’re burned out and doing too much.

A break is always a good idea when you're feeling overly tired or bored.

If you’re really wanting to make content but it doesn’t fit at all with your current show.

Also, don’t be afraid to create a new show for other ideas and interests.

For myself, instead of creating an additional show, I’ll usually just make a fun post to one of my 6 social media accounts.

I’ve got social media accounts for creative outlets like poetry, satire, business, news, and more.

I don't take these accounts as seriously as Digital Podcaster and don't even consider "being consistent" as a part of the strategy.

It helps scratch the itch without feeling like I just redirected my entire show/business.

While I always suggest taking your main accounts seriously, which means posting consistently...sometimes for your alternative accounts, you don't need to be consistent at all.

Have you ever found yourself bored of making podcasts?

I'd be curious to hear your experience and what you've done...or plan on doing.

-Dylan Schmidt


Dylan Schmidt is the host of Digital Podcaster, an educational show for podcast hosts. Dylan is also the founder of Podcasting Academy and Content Clips.


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