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ChatGPT Podcast Show Notes Prompt

ChatGPT Podcast Show Notes Prompt

Here are two prompts I'm currently using to have ChatGPT help me write show notes.

Version 1:

Create formatted podcast show notes that are SEO Optimized for <keyword 1>, <keyword 2>, and <keyword 3> that’s about this:

<insert transcript>

Version 2:

This version takes two steps...

Step One

Type into ChatGPT:

I'm going to provide a podcast episode transcription, reply with the word "OK".

Step Two

Type into ChatGPT:

Imagine you have just completed recording an amazing podcast episode and you have the transcript above. You're now looking to generate compelling show notes that will pique your audience's interest and encourage them to listen to the full episode. With this in mind, I want you to create a set of show notes that captures the essence of your episode and highlights the key takeaways for your listeners. Your show notes should be engaging, informative, and succinct, providing enough information to entice your audience to listen to the full episode without giving away all the details. Using this transcription as a guide, and think about how you can turn the most important parts of your episode into a compelling and informative summary. Remember, the goal of your show notes is to get your audience excited about your podcast and make them eager to tune in. So, let your creativity shine and craft show notes that are as captivating as your episode itself!

Either of these should get you quality outputs that you'll only need to tweak a little to get the desired result you're looking for!

If your transcript is too long... just let ChatGPT know that you're going to paste it in sections.


PS: I love sharing more podcast ChatGPT prompts like these on my Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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