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Profitable Podcasting Foundations with Dylan Schmidt

Profitable Podcasting Foundations, Part 1

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There are many pieces to podcasting and it can be quite confusing to put it all together. In episode 67 of Digital Podcaster with Dylan Schmidt, Dylan is sharing exactly how you can make podcasting work for you.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series where Dylan will share with you the latest best practices for podcasting. He breaks down the key differences between podcasts and social media and why it’s the best time to double down on podcasting for your business.

If you’ve ever been curious about the idea of podcasting, or have been podcasting for awhile and want to hear the latest strategies around this powerful format, this episode is for you.

In the episode you'll hear: 

    • What’s the difference between podcasts and social media?
    • How long should a solo podcast episode be?
    • How long should an interview podcast episode be?
    • What makes podcast listeners different from social media consumers?
    • What do you need to get your own podcast started?




Digital Podcaster with Dylan Schmidt Episode 67: Profitable Podcasting Foundations, Part 1

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Dylan Schmidt is a podcaster and educator who teaches people how to start, grow, and monetize their podcasts. He's the host of Digital Podcaster, a show that covers everything you need to know about podcasting, and the creator of Podcasting Academy, an online education platform that helps people share their skills with the world, while making a podcast in the process.

Dylan has helped podcasters all around the world build and grow their shows, from every stage of the process, and is passionate about helping people create positive change in the world through podcasting.

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